Legend by Marie Lu

You know you love a book when you can’t stop thinking about it or talking about it or re-reading that last chapter. That’s how I felt after I read Marie Lu’s latest hit Legend. Already optioned to become a movie, I think that this book is on the fast track to becoming the next big thing. Fans of The Hunger Games will eat this book up for it’s dramatic sequences and characters who face realities that normal teenagers could never even imagine.

Legend follows the journeys of two teenagers from completely different worlds. Day is an enemy of The Republic (the nation in which the book takes place) and June is one of The Republic’s most prized possessions- a prodigy in her own right, extremely intelligent and skilled in the ways of battle.

As these two vivid characters cross paths, we learn that nothing is as it seems. Relationships are put to the test and authority and beliefs are questioned.

Filled with nail-biting suspense and refreshingly unpredictable romance, Legend is the best dystopian novel that I have read since  The Hunger Games. I like to think that, while I enjoy them immensely, I can predict the way some novels will turn out. However, Lu’s book was a great exception. After the first chapter, I was so sure I knew what would happen. Luckily, nothing turned out the way I thought it would, including romantic relationships and the relationships between government and citizen. I am glad to admit that I could have never guessed how this book would end, which is just awesome.

I finished this book a week ago, and I still find myself thinking about it and its implications- not only for the characters, but also for the readers. It’s making me reconsider how I view everyday things like family and government and falling in love. And that’s what I think a good book must do- it must make you question people and beliefs and the way you live your life. A good book has to make you think, and think hard.

And that is just what Marie Lu has done with her phenomenal book, Legend.

8 out of 10! READ IT!!!!