Thursday Thoughts: My Book Rules


It’s Thursday again! This week I decided to write a short little post about my own personal book rules that I adhere to hen finding/buying a new book. I’m sure we all have some checklist that we keep in the back of our minds when considering different novels, and these ones are mine!

1. On the front cover of a book, an author’s name should never, EVER, be more prominent than the title. This is because, for me, books are not about or for their authors; they are about the story and they are for the readers. But don’t misunderstand me, I worship authors. I think that their ability to write a whole novel is beautiful and brave and so impressive and I think that making the title the focus point of a book cover just demonstrates the humility and understanding of an author. It makes me want to read the book and love the author even more. However, like most of my rules, there is an exception. If a book is a “classic”, then I think the author’s name should be prominently displayed. They’re classics for a reason and the author is responsible for that and should be rightly recognized.

2. I really don’t like books that have super cheesy covers, like a girl decked out in a flowing, full gown and gazing longingly into the distance with her perfectly curled hair blowing in some breeze. I just think stuff like that is unnecessary. BUT, that doesn’t mean I won’t read and love a book with a cheesy cover. For example, the book So Close to You by Rachel Carter has a pretty cheesy picture on the cover, but is by far one of my favorite books! I probably would not have picked it up on my own, but I have it as an ARC and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I read it. So there you go, another exception. 

3. I’m not going to read a book that has a movie cover. You know, like how after the Hunger Games movie came out they started making the books with the movie poster as the cover. I don’t get that because the book is the book and the movie is the movie. They are not the same things so they shouldn’t have the same covers. Now, I will totally read the book cover version. This is kind of a dub rule, but, hey, it is what it is. 

4. If you write a book in which you have written chapters from various characters perspectives, then I am definitely going to read it!!! This is definitely the best thing YA authors can do, in my opinion. 

5. Write a fantasy novel, throw in some romance and a best friend and I guarantee you I will read it. 

I realize most of these rules have something to do with the book cover, which violates the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying, but sometimes I think the cover of your book says a lot about its contents. BUT, there are countless exceptions (see: Rachel Carter).

If you have your own book rules or like/hate mine, let me know! I’d love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: My Book Rules

  1. Marilyn Whitneyu says:

    I have to agree with you. The first thing I look at is the cover. The cover of a book can draw me in. I scan the new releases in the bookstore and look for ones that have interesting or intriguing covers. It a book catches my eye, then I will pick it up and usually read the synopsis to get a feel for its contents. I too cannot stand the beautiful girl with hair billowing in the wind…too hokey for me. The title should be predominant although this is not a deal breaker for me. Interesting thoughts you wrote today. Kind of funny to think how something as silly as “the right cover” being the reason someone chooses or doesn’t choose to read a book.

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