Thursday Thoughts: I’m a failure

I’m a failure. I’m writing Thursday Thoughts on a Friday. My life is quite hectic this week so here it is. It’s going to be a short one, too. I told you, I’m a failure.

I just wanted to talk about my review writing style. It’s a bit different from the norm, and yes, there is a norm for writing book reviews. Most people keep it pretty professional and just say what they liked and didn’t like. They keep it nice and formal. I tried to do that, I swear! But I couldn’t find a way to separate my feelings about the book from my review about the book. Do you know what I mean? For me, reading has always been a really personal process because I become very emotionally entangled in the stories and the characters.

So, after failing miserably at being professional, I decided to take a new approach. I decided to make my reviews more like reflections. I wanted to share with other potential readers my journey with the book, how it affected me and my life. Books are, and always will be, key players in my emotional and personal development and I wanted to share that part of my life with people. And, of course I wanted other people to love the books I read as much as I do.

With that, I’m sorry if you hate my review style, but if you like it, I’m begging you to stick around. Your participation in this project of mine means the world to me, and I’m not just saying that.


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