September Favorites!

I’m going to start posting monthly blogs explaining my favorites of the month: my favorite tv show, my favorite things, my FAVORITE BOOK. It occurred to me while writing that first sentence that you all probably don’t care about my favorite shenanigans. So this is going to be mostly self-indulgent. But if you share a favorite with me, let me know! We can be soul sisters.

1. Zebra F-301 Steel Pens. I love those things! They are super fine tipped, which is just crucial, because writing with anything over 0.7mm is torture. I don’t know why this gives me the willies, it just does. I would have put a picture, but come on, it’s just a pen. Sheesh.

2. My Brown Toms. My mom bought these for me when she visited me at college for Parent’s Weekend. I wear them everyday pretty much because they are so comfy and kickin’.                                                                                           

3. My Brita water bottle. I can’t tell if it’s actually filters anything out of the water. It’s probably all shenanigans, but it’s okay because I feel like an eskimo when I use it.

4. MYSTIC PIZZA! I’m a couple decades behind on this one, but that’s okay. I just watched this movie on Netflix because my mom recommended it and DUDE I love it! I should have known I would, I’m a sucker for 80’s rom coms. Charles Gordon Windsor, Jr. take me away!

5. That 70’s Show (the season where Jackie and Hyde get together). I’ve been watching this on Netflix too. Usually, I’m not a crazy fan, but good Lord, the Hyde and Jackie season is my weakness. He’s so tough and I-don’t-date-girls and then Jackie says “I love you!” and they fall for each other. I love it!

6. London! I have recently been accepted into the CISabroad semester at the University of Westminster for this spring and I’m beyond jazzed! Naturally, I’ve been a bit obsessed with all things Union Jack. P.S. I will be writing a blog about my London study abroad experience, so stay tuned!

7. Fire by Kristin Cashore. It’s the companion novel to Graceling and Bitterblue and I read it in about a day and oh my gosh. It was the kind of book where when you’ve finished it, you sob because it’s over. Picture this: I took the book with me everywhere I went, even after I was done. It would come with me to the mall, to Starbucks, to friends houses. I wasn’t ready to let it go. It’s all fantasy and love, but with real issues and real concerns of a normal teenage girl, even though she’s the opposite of normal. It’s so great, you have to read it. I wish I could review it, but alas, ear wax. K. Cashore is not a debut author anymore.

8. Blogging! This is always my favorite. I just wanted to say thanks to the people who have supported me in this process. It means everything and I love you for it!


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