Thursday Thoughts: Literary Role Models?

For the month of October, I have decided that every Thursday Thoughts will be about one of my many female literary role models. I think strong voices in the books you read, even if those voices are fictional (especially if they are fictional), can be the ones that have the biggest impact on you. For the length of the book, you are in their heads and you are in their hearts and I think that’s a pretty amazing thing. You are so entwined in their actions; you know why they do what they do, who they’re doing it for and why they feel what they feel, and I think the relationship you build between yourself and the character is powerful. She can change how you think about things and people and life. She can change your whole perspective and she, fictional character that she is, is someone you can look up to and someone who can make you better.

At least that’s what I think.

My role model for next week is… ELIZABETH BENNET! I know, what a shock.


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