Thursday Thoughts: STRESS

This week is stressful, you feel me? We’re in the home stretch of the semester and I need it to end. I also need turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and family!

I’ve had stuff on my plate every day this week and I’m not alone. It’s been a lot. Add lack of sleep, writing for the newspaper, keeping up with my books, prepping to go abroad and writing my blog and I am LOSING IT PEOPLE!!! I have this constant tightness in my chest. Also, I’m crazy.

SO, I thought I’d tell you people how I deal with my stress. I drink a lot of water, eat a weirdly large amount of Tums and distract myself with YouTube every free minute I get. Probably not the best ways to deal. Most people would be like GO WORKOUT! EAT A SALAD! Not my style, unfortunately. I wish I could do those things, but when I’m having a tough week, the last thing I want to do is go run for an hour. I want to eat lots of chocolate.

I’ve also found it’s helpful to like picture your perfect day when you’re having a particularly panicky moment. It gives you inspiration. After you do that, eat some chocolate and remember it’s just one day.

Just call me Doctor Colette.


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