Thursday Thoughts: Thanksgiving…a week late

Last week, I really wanted to write a run of the mill post about Thanksgiving and what I’m thankful for and all that jazz. But Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I honestly did not want to blog on the hungriest holiday of the year. It was quite fun though. This year, my family got together and played our first annual game of kickball, which was comical at best. With a few exceptions, we are not an athletic family. I mean, I am not athletic at all. My idea of “sports” is Irish dance (which I am pretty good at) and golf (which I am the living worst at). Anyways, it was pretty funny and awesome. I’m very thankful to be so close with my cousins. I’m also thankful that I have parents who are helping me find my way ti England next semester (!!!) and I’m thankful for all the people and all the things. Now, enjoy some embarrassing pictures of us attempting to play kickball.


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