Thursday Thoughts: R & J

So I just watched one of John Green’s Crash Course Videos on Romeo and Juliet. They’re very good and you should watch them. But I’m not writing this to tell you to watch them.

He talked about the themes and characters and why it is still important to read and all that jazz. But then he brought up the most fundamental part of the book – and it’s not anything that Shakespeare wrote.

At the heart of the tragedy is one question. Do you think that our lives (and the lives of Romeo and Juliet) are determined by fate? Or do you think that we forge our own paths, entirely on our own?

He was talking about why it’s not only a crucial question in Shakespeare’s play, but it is also a crucial question in life.

How you answer this question says loads about who you are. My first reaction was that that’s an easy question to answer, but when I thought about it for a little bit, I decided I wasn’t sure how I would respond.

I don’t know enough to figure it out and I’m not sure I ever will.

At a certain point, though, does it really matter?


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