Thursday Thoughts: Movie Adaptations

Normally, when a movie adaptation for one of my favorite books is announced I freak out. Then IPERCYK_QUAD@50%AW_V5 wait a year, go to the midnight premiere, and then leave feeling slightly let down. I do this every single time. So why even bother caring when a movie is announced? It never does the book justice (except in the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice). I’m always upset after and I have a list of complaints. They left this out! Or what about that girl? Stuff like that. The movies can be good, but they never live up to my expectation.

256494141249027936_72e3EkseBut you know what? I will always be excited for movie adaptations. No matter how much I don’t like them or how much they let me down, I will still be psyched. And that’s because when I finish a book that I really loved, I basically want to die. I loved it so much that I don’t want to let it go! Anyone feel me on this? So even though I know I will be disappointed, I will always look forward to movie adaptations because it’s an extension of this book, this experience that I loved so much and a movie means that it lasts a bit longer. And that’s worth it, in my book.

I admit I’m totally ridiculous and crazy. Because it’s just a book. But, really, it’s not. Like I said, it’s an experience, an adventure and (dorky, but) a friendship.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Movie Adaptations

  1. Jasmine Rose says:

    Dude. I will always and forever be excited for book movies. I just prepare myself for the letdown beforehand and try to enjoy. Oh, and I also try to refrain from rereading before I watch. That way, I’ve still read the book, but the details are fuzzy so I’ll spend less time picking it apart :]

  2. Reen says:

    I totally agree! Especially the movie adaptation of ‘The Lightning Thief’. I was so disappointed because their ‘camp half-blood’ doesn’t look anything like ‘the camp half-blood’ in the books but still, I am soooo excited for the movie adaptation of ‘Sean of Monsters’. I just can’t wait for 2013! ♥

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