Thursday Thoughts: Questions

Thursday Thoughts

I just saw Les Mis. It was beautiful and perfect and everyone should watch it. My favorite movie of the year.

In one of the songs, Valjean asks himself, “who am I?”. He repeats it over and over and has a bunch of different answers, struggling to pinpoint the correct one. He eventually does and the song ends in triumph (to a degree), but this really got me thinking.

As a young person, it is generally thought that we are all searching to discover who we are, to identify and characterize ourselves. Everyone wants this. People want to figure out who they are and what they are meant to do. And this is good, but sometimes I think you can get too caught up in the search.

You know, I want to figure out who I am and what I’m supposed to be as much as the next person. But I tried to figure this out, I tried to pinpoint the correct answer, and I just ended up even more confused and stressed. So I decided to stop trying and let whatever happens to me define me. It’s a bit of a relief actually.

I’ve found that how you react to situations, the books you read, the friends you have and the risks you take define who you are. (Side note: this is not a groundbreaking discovery to mankind; but to me it is). So in a way, by not trying to define myself, I have come closer to doing just that than ever.

This very mightily makes zero amounts of sense, but it was nice to write. Peace yo.


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