As 2013 quickly approaches, we must all take a moment and reflect upon the beautiful literary year that was 2012. I mean, it was a pretty fantastic year for authors, new and old. Some of my favorite books of all time were published this year. I can’t wait to find out what the future holds. But as for 2012, here are my top ten.

10. So Close to You by Rachel Carter. Never read a time travel book before, this one definitely showed me the error of my ways. Fun, quick read with a sequel to come. You should probably pick it up, I’m thinking that is something you should probably do.

9. Fire by Kristin Cashore. The companion novel to GracelingFire did not disappoint. It’s a totally inventive fantasy world  that was beautiful and complete with its imagery. Like, if I had only read the descriptions, I would have been happy. But then you add in the diverting story and the badass heroine and you have one top-notch piece of literary prowess.

8. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. This was a great twist on the traditional Peter Pan story. I never really noticed Tiger Lily much in that story, but Anderson proves that she is not a character to forget. Did I view Peter Pan differently after I read this book? Yes. But it is a new light that I am glad to have bathed in.

7. The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I thought this was a bit slow at first, but towards the middle of the book, the characters and story really picked up and it was an awesome dystopian read. If you’re into that recently popular genre, this is a can’t-miss. And it’s part one of a trilogy, which is always fun.

6. The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour. I’ll let you know that I read this book and I only cried for twenty minutes (said in a Spongebob voice). But seriously, this is one of the best road trip books that I’ve read in a while. It speaks to the human condition, and to the troubles and decisions that new high school grads face. Very honest, very important. If you are human, you have to read this.

5. Meant to Be by Lauren Morill. Girlfriend wrote a romantic young adult book set in London. Girlfriend can do no wrong. Check out my review of this book for a full description. Basically, if you love cute stories set in cute cities, you should read this.

4. Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham. Check my review on it. This is also one of the best road trip books that I’ve read in a while. Three ex-best friends on the verge of adulthood traveling across the nation in an ugly green VW bus. What’s not to love? Also, the author seems like a pretty super cool person, which always makes a book more fun to read.

3. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. Review here! I like to describe this book as a Young Adult romance with the substance of a “classic” romance. (Side note: This is not to say that Young Adult books don’t usually have impressive substance to them, I was just particularly impressed with this one). If you don’t fall in love with Jase, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Maybe you’re a llama.

2. The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. I loved the original Percy Jackson series, but as they were written for the younger set, they lacked some issues that teenagers face, so they weren’t as entertaining as this spinoff series. The Heroes of Olympus series, of which this book is third, is the answer to this short-falling. We see the characters in all their teenage glory and it is so great. The action and the romance and the friendship combine to make one outstanding story. Read it if you enjoy intelligent people writing intelligent words.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Everyone has books that are always somewhere on their mind. Like, it will pop up in your mind for no reason, except for the fact that it was important to you. The Fault in Our Stars is that book to me. And I know it is that book for many people, which makes me unforgivingly happy. If any book on this list transcends through the centuries, it will be this one. So read it, if you haven’t already.

That’s all of them! It’s been a good year. See you in the grand 2013 for more books, more authors and more words. I shall be blogging from jolly old England for the next couple months, and I’m going to be putting adventure pics up on another blog. More details to come if you’re interested.

Fare thee well, brethren.


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