February Favorites

Today marks my official two months on London and I can’t believe it! Seems like I only got here last week. Cue anxiety about impending end to English fun times. Here we go.

1. Kinder Eggs! So these things are the bomb for real. They are these thin shelled milk eggand white chocolate eggs (dreams come true) with a wee prize inside. They used to sell these magical eggs in the US, but staying true to our nature, they were made illegal as too many people got too excited and ate the prize inside. Damn Americans and our love for hasty food happiness!

2. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. I picked this book up because it is set in London and it is about this American girl who moves there to study. So I was like, story of my life. I also needed to check and see how realistic it was. Holy crap, was I surprised. THIS BOOK IS FREAKING SCARY. Word of advice: DO NOT READ THIS WHEN IT IS NIGHT AND YOU ARE RIDING HOME ON THE TUBE BY YOURSELF. You will be convinced that a ghost posing as Jack the Ripper is coming after you to slash you up. AND RUNNING WON’T HELP BECAUSE HE’S A GHOST AND YOU budaARE A MEAGER HUMAN BEING. Caps were necessary. Otherwise, it was a really good book and I totally love it. Also, the sequel just came out, so celebrate.

3. Budapest. I went to Budapest a couple weeks ago as part of my Euro adventure and it was such a cool place. Also, Hungary, who knew? I didn’t. It was beautiful and historic and full of delicious food and super smart people. Definitely worth a visit (though every time I took public transport I was convinced I would be raped and slashed).

4. Skype. While abroad, I have no access to thou most sacred and blessed iPhone, so

Izzy the pug skypes

Izzy the pug skypes

Skype is my most reliable form of communication with those that dwell overseas. I use it almost everyday to talk to my family, and I got to say, it is particularly useful if you wish to have a deep heart-to-heart with your pug.

5. Waterstone’s. This is basically the Barnes and Noble of the UK and it is so awesome because it has wifi and 2-for-1 books. Which I desperately need, because I ride the tube for like an hour and a half a day. PRIME READING TIME, YA’LL. I have seriously read so many books since I have been here. It is bliss.

6. Kensington. This is the super-posh, super-beautiful, super-historic area of London that I bridgeabsolutely love. It is where Kensingon Palace (Queen Victoria’s once-home) and the best crepe place ever are located. It is also my favorite area of London. I am quite taken with it and with its glorious charms.

7. Indian food. Everyone’s like, ‘yo, London has the best Indian food’. I’m like ‘Sure’. Yeah, it is the best Indian food. I got some tikka masala, some rice, some nan. I ate that food like I was about to see dear Lord baby Jesus. That’s how delicious it was.

8. Tower Bridge. Basically the most beautiful structure in the world (beats out Cinderella phonecastle, easily). As far as I’m concerned, we’re in a relationship. I’m dating the bridge.

9. Portobello Road. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be Julia Roberts and get Hugh Grant to fall in love with me. At least that’s what I pretend every time I go to Portobello Road.

Hope you had a ballin’ February! I sure did. If you’re interested, check out my hip travel blog. It’s hip.


5 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. Winx says:

    I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time! I hope one day to get the chance to travel overseas again! We’ll have to visit with you before we do so you can share the “must dos.” Love Aunt Winx

  2. Marilyn Whitneyu says:

    Colette, you make me laugh! Can’t wait to see all the sites and places that you love so much! See you in 22 days! Holla!

  3. Jasmine Rose says:

    OhEmGee! You Skype with your pug! That’s the most adorable thing ever 😀
    Waterstone’s sounds like the bomb and I kind of want to go overseas just to go there now (well, that and The Doctor Who Experience because seriously.)

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