Thursday Thoughts: Literature as Culture

This is weird. I’m currently in my fourth month of being abroad and I’m just now having this sort of epiphany. In the past, I’ve thought about culture as a place’s identity, comprised of beliefs, trends, traditions, music, etc. But I’ve never thought of literature as a way to define a place’s culture, which is pretty stupid of me. Like, that’s pretty obvious. I was in a book shop for like the 20th time today and I sort of just noticed that the thing to read in England are cheesy Phillippa Gregory-esque historical fiction romance novels. They are everywhere. Like I turn any direction and I can see one. That’s what it’s like though.

But now I’m thinking, if I really want to get a real taste of Englishness, I have to read one. At least to give it a try? And they’re probably not cheesy at all, since they’re popular. I’m just judging by the cover (which is blah whatever).

Sidenote: Fully aware that British people read other things also, and that many do not read such fiction. ok.


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