Thursday Thoughts: I suck at posting these on Thursdays

Hello from Amsterdam! Would have said that in Dutch but honestly who knows Dutch. So I’m here in Amsterdam and my first thoughts are about The Fault in Our Stars. Not so much about the Red Light District (sorry to let down all the normal people in the world). I’m walking around and seeing things that I’ve already seen. At least I feel like I’ve seen them. The canals lined with creaking red houseboats and the bridges with colorful basket bikes locked against them. The canal houses shoved together and the trees poking up between bricks. And the Anne Frank House.

Drumroll. This is why I wanted to go to Amsterdam, people. You shouldn’t be surprised. Girl’s gotta relive her favorite book if given the opportunity. So I went to the Anne Frank House and the whole time I was thinking about Hazel Grace hauling around her oxygen tank and Augustus Waters and his metal leg. And I don’t know how they did it because the staircases really are that small and that steep so it felt like I was climbing up a ladder. But I know that somewhere, they did it and knowing that made the experience that much more real. I felt like I was doing justice to Anne, and to Hazel and Gus. Which is kind of lame and like only a few select lame people will understand what I mean, but that’s what I felt like.

I wanted to take pictures of the whole thing, but photography wasn’t allowed. NEVERTHELESS, I broke that rule for one very special, very important photo. I feel like Anne wouldn’t mind.
















You know what I’m talking about. The scene at the top of the Anne Frank House. That’s what I’m talking about.

Call me a lame-o. I’ve accepted it.

P.S. I wrote “DFTBA” in the guestbook. Calling it a win.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: I suck at posting these on Thursdays

  1. Kellei says:

    Sounds like a great visit to Amsterdam. The Fault in our Stars was our book club selection for this past February; we all loved it and those of us who had never been to Amsterdam (which was most) all said reading it made us want to go :-). LOVE how you signed the guest book!

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