A Harry Potter Moment

Last week, I went to the Harry Potter Studio tour in Leavesden Studios. As you can probably guess, it was a pretty monumental experience for me. I’m not saying that I cried when I walked through the Great Hall, but I’m not denying it either. I’ll spare you the details, unless you want the details, which are located on my other blog right about here.

I thought I needed to share my feelings about this experience with you people. I’m guessing you’ll understand best the mental breakdown I underwent. It’s a big deal to walk through and engage in a place that only existed on pages and television screens and in your mind. It’s like this imaginary place is suddenly not imaginary, and that transition from fiction to reality has certain repercussions.

I want to take a minute to say that I really super loved going on the tour and seeing the sets and being where the actors were when it was all happening. It is something that all Harry Potter fans deserve to see in their lifetimes! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, studio tour virgins.

Back to realtalk. Afterwards, I was kind of freaked out. It was like these fantastic places were real, and that somehow dwindled their fantastic-ness and their magic. Does that make sense? And they also showed you the mechanics behind the magic in the movies, like how quidditch worked, or how they made Hagrid look so big (A ROBOT OKAY HE IS A ROBOT FOR A LOT OF THE MOVIES IT’S NOT EVEN A REAL PERSON). I guess I just didn’t want to know the muggle logic behind these things because I wanted their only explanation to be that they are magical. Which, I know, is pretty dumb and immature and I’m 19 years old, it’s a story about wizards, and it’s not real.

But alas, earwax, and this is the plight of the avid book lover and nerd. Books are very real to us and so are the people and places within their pages. I guess I just didn’t want all the secrets revealed. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the tour, because I freaking loved it! Especially the Burrow and Dumbledore’s office and the Common Room and the Potions Room and yeah I liked pretty much most of it. If you made it this far, you will be rewarded by some photos, including a few of me, being as geeky as possible.

p5074625 p5074683 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_3995

I joined up. Too slow for seeker, but I think I’ll be decent as benchwarmer.


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