Character Interview: Cooper of The Devil’s Triangle

Last week, I had another opportunity to work with Toni De Palma on a character interview with Cooper from The Devil’s Triangle, which I reviewed here. Below are his answers!

1. What pushed you to make the drastic decision to burn down your school? This is a touchy subject for me. I rather talk about Grace, the hot girl in my English class. Oh, so you’re not buying my little switch and bait routine, huh? Well, okay, if you really want to get on my case about the school, let’s just say it’s not that I wanted to hurt anyone. Things get out of hand sometimes, you know? I can get out of hand too. You may not believe this about me, but I’m really not a bad guy. But it’s up to you to figure that out for yourself.

2. What thoughts were running through your head after you started the fire? Thoughts? Does “Oh Crap!” count for a thought?

3. When you confronted Lucy and the others in heaven, what were you feeling? Honestly, I was trying to keep my cool. I mean standing in front of those people…if you can call them people…was pretty intense. I tried to be like…hey, how you doin’? and You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me? But my best Bobby Deniro fell flat.

4. What was your first reaction upon seeing Grace? And the other friends you had when you returned to earth? Grace is smoking hot, but she’s the type of girl who can burn you if you’re not careful. The guys on the football team who are supposed to be my friends? Lets just say I’m not exactly a team-player kind of guy.

5. How would you compare Grace and Lucy? Lucy is sexy, but she’s the devil’s sister. I’m a guy who likes to take chances, but even I know my limitations. Once I can get Grace to relax, I’m sure she’d see that the two of us could be great together.

6. What was it like to suddenly be a substantial part of a happy family? What did you learn about yourself, and about life in general? Wow, I didn’t know I was getting into a therapy session. Yeah, the Wandermans are cool and Ryan, my faux-bro, is a nice guy for a nerd that is.

7. How do you think this mission changed you, personally? Boy, you don’t let up huh? Okay, I’ll admit it. This whole trip down memory lane has choked me up a couple of times. When I first started this little trip I didn’t think that a tough guy like me could really care about anyone else but himself. I realize that’s not true and that my hearts a lot bigger than I gave myself credit for.

8. Is there anything you would have done differently? I don’t like hurting people and, even though Grace forgives me, I’m not sure I can forgive myself for some of the stuff I’ve done. But that’s what she says second chances are all about.

I had never heard of character interviews before this one. They’re kind of fun, yeah?


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