Summer Reading List 2014: Plans and ‘The Selection’ Series

It freaks me out that it’s been so long since I last posted. I am THE WORST. I had a lot of great plans for the summer and the blog, like my first BEA and meeting authors and all that jazz, but then I was like BEA is expensive and my bank account frequently falls to $32.15 so I think I should save that one for when I’m like a real adult, ya know.

To remedy my failed summer blogging plans, I’ve cooked up a couple other options. Politics and Prose is one of my local indie bookstore, located in Washington, DC. They often do free book and author events, so my plan is to cover some of those on the blog (probably only the authors of interest to us). My other plan is to document every book and/or series I’ve read this summer. So let’s start with that one:

I finished Kiera Cass’ “The Selection,” “The Elite,” and “The One” in the first One_finaltwo days of summer vacation. The speed-reading process was a bit different for me this time, because I read each book on my e-reader, which I am pretty sure makes it easier to read super fast.

So I sped through those books, and I am still not sure how I feel about them, especially “The One.” I know that practically everyone loves this series, but to me, they felt a bit cramped. I love the premise of the selection and I really liked America, Maxon, Aspen, the maids, May, Celeste, Marlee, etc. but I don’t think Cass did all that she could have done with the story. I mean, they were really short books and she is incredibly one-sided in that she solely focused on the selection, when she totally could have delved into the whole rebel storyline. There could definitely be a 6-book series about the aftermath of the selection, the revolution and the destruction of the caste system. And the romance and evolution of America and Maxon’s relationship would add such a nice balance (and I would really like to read more).

But instead, Cass slammed the rebel attack, Maxon and America making up and getting married and the plans to get rd of the castes all in like 20 pages. It just felt so rushed and minimal.

Those are really my only complaints; just give me more. Other than that, I really liked the series!

My next book is Gayle Forman’s “If I Stay,” which I am halfway through and already dead inside. So that’s cool.


One thought on “Summer Reading List 2014: Plans and ‘The Selection’ Series

  1. Jessie Lew Mahoney says:

    Hope you don’t mind that B.McN. added me to your list. I do enjoy reading about what you are reading and reviewing. Maybe I should send you a list of mine. Most are on Nook,but I hate that these aren’t easily shareable,and even then only once.

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