How Not to Write a First Novel — Lev Grossman via Buzzfeed

I don’t care what people say about BuzzFeed, I love it. I’m a sucker for it. Their extravagantly comical Matt Bellassai with his always on-point One Direction lists and their endless quizzes enchant my soul. But what I like most are their less frequent, equally entertaining, and doubly insightful feature pieces. Like this one by Lev Grossman: “How Not to Write a First Novel.”

It’s great, I mean really thoughtful and intelligent and enlightening. BuzzFeed has a unique opportunity in the world of digital media. They never had to deal with a transition from paper to the Web. They have practically unlimited space and a dedicated readership that they gained through their silly, albeit INCREDIBLY ACCURATE (I dare you to deny it), lists. And they’re taking advantage of their uncommon position by interweaving distraction pieces with actual stories.

The Lev Grossman one is just my most recent favorite. And for obvious reasons I thought you all might like it too. Even though I actually hate his books — like, really hate them —you should read this awesome, amazing, intelligent BuzzFeed story and then give his books a try. Maybe they’ll be your cuppa tea. Maybe they’ll freak you the f out and make you consider giving up your long lost dreams of being a badass witch who goes to Hogwarts and performs all sorts of spells and general badassery. Either way.

Let the deepness of this nice quote-on-ambiguous-photo sink in:


Courtesy of BuzzFeed, obvi


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