4 Bookish Podcasts You Need to Hear

Since Serial entered our lives, I’ve been really into podcasts. They’re awesome for car drives, working out, walking to class, general living…

Here are a couple of my favorite bookish (and not bookish) ones for you to try out!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour!mza_3634691790099778933.600x600-75

This podcast is recorded in the style of old school radio shows, so they have a bunch of funny people act out a story in front of a studio audience. It’s really funny and the episodes aren’t too too long. They have regular cast members, but visiting actors also appear on the show. Think Aubrey Plaza, Nathan Fillion, JK Simmons, Alison Brie.


icon_510307-915949e80ad42a31e2a2b741f635a7afd01c580e-s800-c15Invisibilia is NPR’s newest podcast is “about the invisible forces that control human behavior,” according to their description on iTunes. It’s really good if you want a longer podcast about ridiculously obvious stuff that you never thought about. I like it because it’s sort of like This American Life in that there’s one theme for every episode, but they kind of shift to at least three different perspectives to tell the story. It’s really cool and smart and engaging.

heres-the-thing-podcast-logoHere’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

Whoever decided to put Alec Baldwin and a random celebrity/public figure in a room together and record it is a freaking genius. Every episode Here’s the Thing is basically like the best celebrity interview you’ll ever hear. He asks great questions and gets to the point right away, no BS. The Brian Williams episode is SO GOOD! Start with that one, then listen to the Julie Andrews one. Will not disappoint.

The Dead Authors PodcastFXLBERUe
H.G. Wells hosts this podcast in which he travels through time to bring authors to the present to interview them and talk to them about their books and lives. It is excellent, so funny and quick, I absolutely love it. My favorite episodes so far are the ones with Charlotte Bronte, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Allen Poe (all separate episodes). I’m about to go listen to it now, if I’m being perfectly honest.


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